About Bare77Bare77® pronounced:
"Bare Seven Seven"

Bare77 began life as badrevolver clothing on a warm summer’s night in the big smoke. Basking in the afterglow of what we thought was the best hip hop show ever given, as it was by ourselves we may have been slightly biased, we decided to set up our own tee shirt company, since the ones we had made for the show, looked, in cockney speak, the dogs!

While perusing through my cousins library of self-created images we stumbled across what was soon to be our logo and name. And so it began!

Badrevolver clothing evolved into Bare77 because we wanted a snappier name. We took the Ba from Bad and the Re from Revolver, the 77 comes from our year of birth, and voila!!! Bare77 was born and here we are today!!

Our designs are inspired by what we see around us, bold fonts as displayed on traffic signs, fashionistas sipping coffee, royalty, the jobs we do. We do not follow fashions, we are not proclaiming to be the be all and end all off culture and fashion. We just do us and stay fresh!!

In keeping with our ethos of "Staying fresh" all our tees are limited to 77 pieces in each colour way. Once the 77th piece in that colour way has gone, we will not print it again in that colour.

Peace 'n' fat laces,
S & P

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